Umass Dartmouth – Job: Women’s Head Coach

Title: Women’s Rugby Head Coach
Type: Staff
Full-/Part-Time: Part-Time
Start Date: September 1, 2014
Hours: Monday-Friday from 5pm-6:30pm/Weekend Matches
Team Description: The UMass Dartmouth Women’s Rugby team is a unique, close-knit group of student-athletes looking to work with a new coach in order to improve upon fundamental skills and to reach a higher level of play for the upcoming season. We are a dedicated, hard-working and talented team. We are searching for an experienced rugby player/coach that will be willing to work with our team to help each player improve, as well as expand the talent of the team for the future of the women’s club.
Coaching Requirements: Ability to plan and implement strategic practice plans for the team.

Improving upon the team’s fundamental skills in a safe manor including but not limited to tackling and rucking technique.

Ability to work with the team’s captains to develop strategies for game play as well as evaluate club needs in order to maintain functioning of the club.

Leadership skills and previous coaching experience.

Exceptional knowledge of the game of rugby with the ability to teach new players and develop the abilities of returning players.

Other Information: This coaching position would begin in September for the fall season. The coach will be expected to coordinate with the team’s faculty advisor on campus as well. The team practices at UMass Dartmouth Monday-Friday from 5p.m.-6:30p.m. The team competes in Division 3 matches on the weekends. The team plays during both the fall and spring seasons.


If interested please contact Katrina at and/or Briana at

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Northeastern Univ. Women's Rugby Coach
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